6 Common Search Engine Optimization Mistakes

Many companies are guilty of implementing bad Seo companies dublin ca campaigns and not understanding what a good campaign should look like. This article identifies some of the common errors in SEO that many companies fall in to.

1. No keyword research

It is very important to do keyword research to find keywords that are relevant to the content on your site. Many people go into choosing keywords to target in SEO blindly. If your content doesn’t support the keywords that you are targeting, Google will see this and won’t reward you for those keywords. Make sure that the keywords that you choose to target are relevant.

2. Keyword stuffing and poor on site optimization

Keyword stuffing is a tactic that use to work, but is no longer a smart idea. Keyword stuffing is a way of optimizing the content on the site by repeating the keyword phrase too many times. While it is beneficial to have the keywords in the content, over stuffing the keywords can be harmful. Google may even blacklist you for keyword stuffing. When putting your keywords within your content, make sure it reads naturally and it is simple enough for anyone to understand.

3. Not diversifying external links

It is best to have a well-rounded and natural looking link profile. Make sure that your back-links come a variety of directory websites, relevant blog posts, press releases, articles, blog comments, forum comments, and various social media platforms. If you have the majority of your links in just one place, they will most likely lose credibility from Google. You should have links with different anchor texts that are linking from different domains with different page ranks pointing to various pages on your website. Make sure that your external links don’t only link to your homepage.

4. Poor internal linking structure

If you have a poor internal linking structure within your site, you will most likely have a high bounce rate. If you link relevant pages together it will help you reduce your bounce rate, and readers will continue clicking through to read more on your site. Google likes it when readers spend a lot of time on your site.

5. Duplicate Content

If you don’t have original or quality content on your site, Google will penalize you. After the Google Panada Update in 2011, Google has been coming down even harder on sites that are not providing original content. Please make sure your product descriptions, service descriptions, and all other material on your website is your own, and you have not copied it from anyone.

6. Not being patient, or not maintaining your SEO process after you have achieved your desired goals

You have followed all the rules and began a well rounded SEO process. You get frustrated because you don’t see any results immediately. SEO takes patience and you have to be willing to wait for the results. If you have implemented a great keyword strategy and have a nice SEO campaign laid out, you need to follow through with it. It is important to continue your off site optimization through link building on a monthly basis in order to achieve and maintain great rankings. If you achieve the rankings that you desire and then you quit your SEO cold turkey, plan on seeing your rankings drop.

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