10 Reasons Why Every Speaker Must Write a Book

If you are teaching, speaking, coaching, consulting, or training, then you absolutely must write a acim videos. Here’s why:

#1-You are instantly the expert.

As soon as your book comes off the press, you will immediately be seen as the expert in your subject area. Authors are valued, praised, and respected, and you will be seen as an authority. This alone is a good enough reason to get your book done and off the press!

#2-You can use your book to build your database.

You must own your own database, have your own network, and have relationships with your own group of people. A book is the perfect way to create a following, establish connections, and generate interest in you and where you are going as a speaker and author.

#3-You have an audience that wants what you have to offer.

The people listening to you want more than you are telling them. A book gives them more, a tangible tool that they can take home and study for years to come.

#4-You are in the best place to sell/promote your book.

The absolute best, most effective platform for selling a book is from stage. The audience is listening, they are hungry, and they want your book! You will create more interest and sell more copies of your book from stage than anywhere else.

#5-Your book will get you in the door.

One book that is going to press as I write this is costing the author less than $1 each! He is buying 5,000 copies of his 128-page book (Achievement-A Proven System for Next-Level Growth), and if that were your book, you could be using your book as your “business card,” referral tool, prospecting tool, gift, etc. The opportunities are limitless at these prices. Your book will get you in the door.

#6-You give a lot from stage, but statistics show that people will forget virtually everything you say within 30 days.

Your book is a permanent text that can be studied, underlined, and applied by those who want to learn what you are teaching. Without your book, they will walk away with almost nothing from you

#7-You can multiply your efforts.

It is impossible to tell your story and share your message, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like your book is able to do. A book is passed around and recommended, and it consistently gives the same accurate information. What’s more, others can teach others when they have your book in hand. Multiplication begins with your book!

#8-You have already done the hard part by preparing.

I tell authors-to-be that the secret to getting the book out of them is to do what works for them. If you like to speak, then speak the text out, record it, and there is the basic text of your book. Or you may need to set aside a weekend to get the book out of you. I helped one businessman create his book (Accelerate Your Destiny) from a 2-day interview session. The process was simple and smooth. Either way, once you’ve prepared your speech, your book has taken shape.

#9-You can speak in other languages without being bilingual.

Just the other week, five of my authors’ books were picked up by an Indonesian publisher, which means that thousands of people in Indonesia will be influenced by these US authors. Seeing your own book in a foreign language is both exciting and humbling, and it has great PR value.

#10-Your book is the perfect upselling tool.

A book is a natural part of what you offer your customers, whether you include your book as part of registration, as a separate item at the end of your presentation, or as part of a combo pack. Whatever your plan, your book ads value to you and effectively moves people toward a closer connection with you, and that usually includes more business for you!

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