Your Career As a Certified Pharmacy Technician

Before you can become a Certified where to buy xanax uk Technician you need to demonstrate that you possess the qualities required of a health-care professional. One of the primary requirements is that you should be free of any criminal record. You should also be free of any drug-related charges. Another requirement is that you should have at least a high school certificate.

If there are no obstacles to prevent you from obtaining certification then you should set about studying for the examinations. One of the best ways of acquiring the required preparation is by obtaining an internship where you will learn about the practical aspects of working as a pharmaceutical technician. Another way of acquiring the necessary knowledge is by taking a preparatory course at a community college or university. Another route to certification is by working at a local pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist while taking an online certification course.

The Institute of Certification of Pharmacy Technicians or ICPT is one of two entities that hold examinations and certifies a prospective pharmacy technician. The other entity is the PTCB or Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. These two organizations examine and certify future technicians and both are recognized by most State Pharmacy Boards. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s exam consists of 90 questions to be answered in two hours. It is multiple-choice and is heavily weighted to the pharmaceutical aspects of a pharmacy technician’s work. Ten of those questions are mainly for survey purposes and do not count as part of the main exam.

The exam consists of three parts, with part one dealing with your knowledge of pharmaceutical terms and abbreviations. It also tests your knowledge of all types drugs in general, such as generic and brand-name drugs, their effects and also any side effects that can occur with their use. Since your work as a technician will also consist in assisting the pharmacist in dealing with prescriptions, you will also be tested on interpretation and filling of a doctor’s prescription.

Your knowledge of inventory control systems for pharmacies is tested in part two of the exam. This is an important aspect of a pharmacy technician’s job because of the nature of drugs, with their limited effectiveness after a certain period of time. The exam includes several questions that will test your knowledge of hazardous waste disposal and the type of care that needs to be taken in dealing with such materials.

In part three of the examination you will be tested on your understanding of the daily activities in a pharmacy. Since accurate data collection on drug usage and effects is needed by the FDA, the manufacturers of the drug and the doctors who prescribe the drugs, you will also be asked about the correct way to collect such data.

A certified pharmacy technician can find jobs in pharmacies anywhere. You can also find work in the pharmacies of hospitals and even in some nursing homes. After working as a technician for two years you will need to be re-certified. You will also need to have completed a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education either in Pharmacy Law or in a pharmacy related college course.

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