Working Miracles by Faith – Lesson 1

A number of people today are in a desperate place in their lives. You may even be one of them. Are you in need of a financial david hoffmeister mexico? Many are strapped financially or are in need of salvation for another area of their lives. Who do you turn to for help when politicians lie to you or the people you thought were your good friends just pat you on the back and say, “I hope all goes well?” You can still turn to the one person who loves you and still has you on his mind. That man is God and his name is Jesus Christ.

If you need a financial miracle and are beside yourself as to what to do then you can relax. This lesson will put you on the road to receiving a miracle for finances from God.

The first thing you need to do in order to work a miracle for finances by faith is to plan the garden of your soul. You say, “That’s great! What does that mean?”

You need to start by dreaming a dream that defines your purpose in life. What is your purpose in life? Why are you here? Stop being the type of person that you think others want you to be. Take a few moments and ask yourself what your purpose would be if money was no object and everything was well in your life. You must realize that nothing will ever be perfect. You will never have enough money to start. You will not be in the mental, emotional or physical condition you need to be in to start. And conditions will never be perfect to begin a project. But you must consider what it is you would do with your life if conditions were perfect.

Once you have an idea of your purpose then know that this is your ministry in life.

Your life and the source of your unlimited power is Christ Jesus. Meditate on the Word of God every day and love the Lord your God with all your heart. Your mission in life is to spread the Gospel of Christ to all peoples and nations. The bible says that the Lord has ordained that those who preach the gospel should live or get their living from the gospel. You may recall Jesus sending out his disciples to preach and to minister. As he sent them he told them not to take anything with them. Not one of them stated they had lacked anything when they came back to Jesus to report how they had done in their witnessing. This is important. Why?

When you share the gospel of Christ with people on a regular or consistent basis, you will find yourself getting out of your financial mess as well as the suffering you have endured from not enough income. Philip who became Philip the evangelist in later scriptures in the New Testament started out as a deacon in the Jerusalem church waiting tables. When persecution came and everyone was scattered he went and started to preach everywhere. How did he support himself?

The rule is that when you preach the gospel you can and will get your living from the gospel. This is found in 1 Corinthians 9:14. I am not talking about being a televangelist or someone who scams people like some of them have done. When you are legitimately preaching the gospel and ministering to people it will work for you as far as God providing for you financially. You are working at advancing and expanding the kingdom of heaven and God is not a cheapskate. He will pay you. But keep in mind that receiving your pay might be different than what you are used to getting from a job.

As people listen to the Gospel of Christ and witness your demonstrations of compassion they will receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. You are not responsible in getting results. That is God’s job. Your job is just to present the gospel to others and let them make a decision for or against Christ.

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