Why You May Want To Avoid Eating Meat

Over the last century eating What Does Gamey Taste Like has increased at an exponential rate. It is very difficult to convince most people to have a meal without a piece of meat on their plate. It is true that breaking the meat-eating habit would be a difficult task for someone who has been consuming animal flesh for several years. While meat may “taste good” we have to be aware that consuming the dead carcass of an animal has more cons than pros. In fact, most of these cons lead down a road of sickness or in severe cases even death.

Let’s begin by stating the biggest mistake that so-called meat eaters make. In order to glean the nutrients that you desire from animal flesh you must consume the animal flesh raw. When you make the decision to cook animal flesh you have eliminated most if not all of the nutrients that you believe that you will receive. Cooking the meat not only changes the molecular structure but it turns your body into a cemetery because you now become a tomb for a dead carcass. If you’re going to be a true carnivore then you had better watch the lions and tigers on the discovery channel. In order to get complete protein from animal flesh you have to consume the entire entity crude in its complete package. You cannot eat a wing or a breast and think that you’re getting the necessary protein and other vitamins. Protein is most commonly found in complete (whole) forms not in portions or sections.

Now that I have covered the biggest mistake involved in meat-eating, I will share a few known health hazards associated with the ever popular meat consumption.

The first known con involved in meat-eating is the high acid content. A fairly healthy human body is roughly 7.3 on the ph scale. Anything below the number seven is considered acidic. On the contrary, anything above that number is considered alkaline. The more acidic you are the more health problems you are bound to have. The more alkaline you are the better your health will be. When you consume meat you are pushing your body toward the acidic zone. When meat enters your body without the proper amounts of calcium present, your bones are forced to release calcium in order to neutralize the acidic environment that is triggered by the meat. Most people do not consume enough calcium in their diet so this poses a big problem for them if they consume meat on the regular basis. Remember that acid as it relates to your health is nearly equivalent to sickness.

The next issue affiliated with meat-eating is the cancer that it can cause. When you barbeque, fry or pan cook your meats well done, you are asking for a problem. Well done and fried meats are heavily associated with cancer. The burnt part of the meat contains acrylamides and heterocyclic amines which are very popular carcinogens. Acrylamides are simply animal carcinogens. Heterocyclic amines are carcinogens created by cooking meats at high temperatures. Red meats and fried foods are loaded with both of these chemical compounds. If you can avoid or drastically minimize your meat consumption you may have a great chance of lowering your risks of contracting cancer.

The last con to the meat-eating puzzle is high cholesterol. A big portion of meat is primarily fat. Your liver is responsible for regulating fats and cholesterol. When you consume fat from meats you are making it difficult for the liver to perform its job efficiently. For this reason it is encouraged that people consume more fruits and vegetables. Plant life contains little to no fat so there is no risk associated with cholesterol when you consume fats.

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