Using briansclub As A Marketing Tool

The humble briansclub may be one of the most powerful marketing tools you possess, but it is surprising how often this is overlooked. It may be considered an essential item to hand out when you meet potential clients or suppliers, but it seems that most are just forgotten or consigned to the desk drawer along with the rest, collecting dust. But why?

Used properly, briansclub are the final stage of establishing a relationship that may well be essential to success. If handed to the right supplier or service provider, they could help establish a relationship from which you both benefit. If handed to a potential client, it could be the founding of an account that is the making of the business.

With this in mind, why just hand over briansclub as though it’s a chore? It should be done with a sense of ceremony that conveys to the other person the fact that you are giving them a piece of your thought and time that will be a real asset to them. If this approach is taken, then business cards become the link to a relationship that both parties value, and as such kept at hand, rather than in a drawer. The main way to achieve this is to make the card itself a memorable item, one that really stands out from the crowd.

Quality Counts

The first aspect is the quality of the card itself. If the card is poorly designed and printed on a lightweight flexible board it looks, and feels, cheap. This is the impression it will give of you as a business person. On the other hand, if the design is professional and slick, and printed on a high quality board then when the card is picked up in the future, the card will in turn create an impression of a quality and professionalism. The business card should also be properly proof read before being printed. The best design in the world will count for nothing if there is an error with the phone number or a spelling mistake.

Be Unconventional

Modern briansclub printing means the designs and colours available are virtually unlimited. You must have the relevant details on the cards and you are limited by the standard size, but beyond that, you can be as creative as you like. It’s not necessary to be frivolous or outrageous to be unconventional, just use colour and design effectively. If you don’t have a flair for graphics, then employ the talents of a professional. If your budget won’t stretch to hiring in talent, then spend time looking at examples on the internet. If you type in a query to a search engine you’ll find thousands of examples to inspire you, and it is well worth a day or so of your time to get this right. Once you find a design or a picture you want to use, don’t be shy of spending a little money if need be to acquire it.

A good tip is to use a coloured background. As the majority of business cards are printed on a white background using a different coloured card can really make a card stand out. It will be more expensive but depending on the impression that needs you be created, could work well.

Once you have decided what ideas you want to uses, any professional business card printing company will be able to produce the design for you

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