The Two Main Ways To Overclocking The CPU Explained!

The FSB stands for Front Side Bus and is the most common way to overclocking the pcdesigner. This way overclocking that everybody has access to comes with it’s own problems though. Overclocking the CPU through the FSB effectively speeds up the rest of the system. This may initially sound like a good idea but what actually happens once you’ve overclocked the CPU so far, the other components can’t keep up. Components like Ram may after be slowed down to keep up with an overclocked CPU. So what you’ve gained in CPU speed you’ll after sacrifice ram speed by declocking!

The second way to how to overclock the CPU is through the Multiplier. The best thing about overclocking the CPU using the multiplier that your only overclocking the CPU and nothing else. This allows you to have more freedom when overclocking the CPU because there will be no instabilities from the other components. This also allows to diagnose the problem a lot easier because there is no other components involved while your overclocking the CPU through the multiplier.

Though this is the preferred way to how to overclock the CPU. The problem with this method is that the multiplier is only reserved for the top of the range CPUs. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing but these CPUs cost around $1000! Ultimately it’ll be your wallet that will decide how you overclock your CPU.

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