The Pros And Cons Of A Having A Listing Agent

By having a Listing Agent, you can leverage yourself through them. You can increase the number of appointments and even schedule simultaneous appointments. You could be off listing the Jones’ while your is working with the Smiths this expansion Listing agent has the effect of increased listings sold but will also influence your buyer controlled sales. Because of the increase in listings, you will increase your ad calls and sign calls, which will increase leads.

buyer prospects, buyer clients, and buyer sales. With increased listings sold and buyer sales, you will also increase your past client ranks in a shorter time frame, which will increase referrals. You will also usually see a decrease in cost per transaction, which will make each transaction more profitable.

You will raise your image or increase your brand recognition in the marketplace. With more listings in the ground, you become a more well-known Real Estate Agent in the marketplace. This will increase the unsolicit call in appointments that say, “I see your sign everywhere.” Your quality of life will be enhance because you arent the only plow horse hook to the yoke to pull the business. There is some safety in numbers as long as the other horse is hook to the yoke with you. And isn’t shoving you down or pulling your plow rows from straight to crook.

Your time away from the business will be more relaxing, and the business will operate while you are gone. For an Agent without a Listing Assistant, before they go on vacation, at best, is a fire drill and, at worst, is total chaos. Inevitably, everyone wants to list just before you want to take time off. Whether that’s the influence of Murphy’s Law or just that your focus. And intensity rise before you are heading on vacation, the days leading up to time off are usually some of the busiest of the year. The lead up to your time off will be more controlled with a Listing Agent.

The time while you are gone will also be more effective for the business. I always had people who wanted to list their home call when I was away. Our first objective was to try to make them wait. If that jeopardized our opportunity to list the property, we sent in the team. That was usually a Buyer’s Agent or another Agent in my office that I would split the listing with if it was more than my Buyer’s Agent could handle. If you don’t have a Listing Agent, it’s rare to list new property while you are away. You might generate buyer sales or listings sold, but you won’t take any new listings. The net result is a drop in listing inventory when you are away enjoying your family time.

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