The 5 Most Important Things You Should Ask If You Want To Have A Successful Music Career

FACT: Musicians generally look for the answers to all the wrong questions. What questions am I talking about? The ones that all amateurs or people who have never been in musical notes ask. These questions are based on ignorance, guesswork, fears and self-destructive thoughts centered around how some people think the music industry works. By seeking the answers to these questions, you can only reduce the likeliness that you will ever have a chance at growing a successful music career.

To grow a successful music career, you must understand how the music industry works and ask the correct questions based on that knowledge. Once you ask questions like this and get them answered by a professional who has achieved success in music, your potential to build a successful career will quickly grow.

Here are five questions about the music industry that musicians should be asking:

Question #1: Why Do Record Companies/Bands Work With Some Musicians And Not With Others?

A lot of musicians believe that people in the music industry only work with those who are musically gifted and just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. Wrong!

Bands, record companies and others in the industry are looking for specific traits in people they work with. They want a person who has a positive mindset, great skills, and the right attitude. As soon as you develop all these things (and take action to use these traits), you’ll be much more likely to succeed as a pro musician.

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