Seven Laws Of The Universe and The Struggling Musician

Cacophony. Have you ever had the occasion to be standing outside the door of a junior high school band room? All the little ones have their new instruments that their parents want them to learn to 法律代写. And none have a clue what is going one. The sound is: cacophony. God bless the school music teacher. We need more teachers who can do this job. So why are we talking about a discourse of sound? I will get to that. Right now let me congratulate you for still being here.

Remember in high school physics you saw how the eyeball worked? Or you may have seen it in biology. But anyway, remember the photo of a tree on one side of the poster and an eyeball on the other side. The poster shows how the image of the tree enters the eye and is actually projected upside down on the back side of the eye. The brain does its marvelous thing and inverts the tree back to normal. You never know that this process is being done, it is just one of the things our brains do. Well in the same way all information that comes to you, whether from conversation, television, paintings, and music has to filter through the same brain path. And this brain path is filled with emotions, feelings, thoughts, fears, and beliefs. All of those things influence the outcome of what you perceive. It is a powerful thing. Let me explain.

We all know about the physical laws of the universe. Gravity is gravity whether you understand it or not. You can not deny gravity. And it has no emotion at all. It fulfills the law it defines without taking into consideration good or bad. If you jump off of an object that is three hundred feet high you will fall at a certain rate, another physical law, and you will impact the earth at a determined force. It does not matter one iota if you believe that to be true or not. Well there is another kind of immutable law and that law is a mental law. Mental laws are in effect all of the time just like physical laws. If you are unhappy or if you are not accomplishing what you would like to accomplish you are tampering with the mental laws. They have a more subtle appearance than physical laws. But they are there none the less.

The first law is the Law of Control. Basically this law says you feel good about yourself to the degree you feel you have control over your life. When you are whacked out it is from a feeling of loss of control. If you have ever been in a job that you believe you can not quit and you have a jerk of a boss, then you have some anxiety building up because you feel you life is controlled by your job and your boss. That is a bad feeling and almost everyone is in someway dealing with some issue. The thing is that the force that is bugging you can be external or internal. The only way to alleviate the anxiety is to take control of your mind. Self mastery is the only viable exercise to harmony and happiness. You have heard it since Kung Fu was a television show. No one can cause you distress unless you allow it. You really always have but two choices: take action and change the situation, or simply walk away.

Because of this law you have to know exactly what you want. If you know exactly what you want your focus becomes very pointed. The question is this: Am I holding myself back with a feeling of helplessness or am I taking daily action to obtain what I really want? Truthful self examination is required.

The second law is the Iron Law of the Universe. This law is more commonly known as the law of cause and effect. Here it is in a nutshell, and I will tell you beforehand that it is so simple that most people miss this entirely. Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. Your thoughts are the cause of your condition. And everything you are is the result of a thought by you or someone else. You are what you think. If you do not want to be where you are at this moment then you have to start by changing the way you think. What is really great about this law is that by believing it, really believing it, you take control of all other aspects of your life. The Law of Cause and Effect applied correctly will bring you in harmony with the Law of Control. Every aspect of your music and your music career, success or failure, can be explained by this basic law. Simple as that.

The third law is the Law of Belief. Whatever you believe, with emotion or intensity will shape your reality. Your beliefs are a filter always editing out what does not conform. It is this way. You do not necessarily believe what you see, but you see what you believe. If you are to be a professional musician, you must believe with everything that is in you that you will succeed. You must have a belief that no matter what happens you will keep going forward. Always working toward you goal. Never, ever even consider quitting. And keep moving forward. You have to develop a belief that is separate from the paradigm of “being in the right place at the right time.” That paradigm is placing your entire career in the realm of luck. You might as well try and win the lottery.

Get the luckitis out of your life. You make your own luck by doing the right thing over and over and over. Believe and the belief will influence your actions. The cycle of beliefs works like this. The more I really, intensely believe, the more my actions are geared toward that belief. These actions in return result in positive growth in my profession which in turn enhances my belief which will in turn cause my actions to take on a more focused effect which effects my beliefs again, over and over and over. In the same way negative thinking does the exact same thing. It is a law of the universe. The opposite is negative thinking, bringing about setbacks, which bring about more negative thinking, which… get the idea. This is the key. I know you hear it all the time. I have seen the positive effects of this in my own life and I guarantee it works. You have to believe.

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