People Of Elliott Elliott Norelius Architecture

Upon the venture into the business, everyone in Elliott Elliott Norelius Palm Springs architects basically encounter with immense exploration of designs and work to make their company a successful one. The main owner, Matthew Alan Elliott graduated from University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies before continuing his pursuit of Master of Architecture in University of Pennsylvania. He did work on commercial, residential and institutional projects in United States and other several countries before penetrating into this business opportunity with his wife, Libby in 1993.

Another family of Elliott who has gotten involved in the initially known Elliott and Elliott Architecture firm is Libby Elliott. Being the wife of Matthew, she was also one who received a Bachelor of Arts but majoring in Biology. Upon her degree program in Middlebury College, she further continued her Master of Architecture in University of Pennsylvania. She adjourned to Philadelphia to begin her working career before moving to Maine, handling projects of renovations, new houses and other minority ones. In 1993, she decided to construct the home-based business with Matthew.

Of why and how the name Norelius was included into the nomenclature of the firm leading to Elliott Elliot Norelius Architecture was because the inclusion of another member, Bruce Norelius. Bruce was a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the Washington University. He also received his Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania. He explored working in Boston, Maine and Seattle and involved in fields like administration, design and teaching before returning to Maine to form a partnership with Matthew and Libby in the year 2001.

Other members who come under the formation of Elliot and Elliot Architecture are Jennifer Lee Morrow, David A. Leonard, John F. Gallagher, Issac David Robbins and many else. Jennifer made a joint venture with the firm in 1993, taking up business manager. David is one experienced architect with almost 30 years of working experience. All of them are either majoring in the field of architecture or having vast experience in the architectural firms.

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