New StarCraft 2 Game Review

I am looking forward to one of the most anticipated gamesinfoshop of all time to come to the computer. The original StarCraft game is probably one of my favorite games, and will remain that way until I die. The new StarCraft 2 which has been announced to be released at the end of July will be absolutely amazing though. Here is what can be said about it based on the current gaming specs.

The new StarCraft will allow players to have much better control over their characters. This was one of the issues I always had with the old game. It seems that now you will be able to choose groups of units much better.

Another thing that almost everyone is excited about is the graphics. The storyline seems pretty awesome after watching the preview from the official Blizzard website. New ships that can be created, along with faster scrolling and other features just to name a few will bring this game to a level of greatness that will be hard to beat.

Halo Wars was a game that tried to emulate StarCraft, but just didn’t cut the cheese. Now the sequel is here, and a lot of people will once again be using the servers of to play this game. As long as its free to play online, I think a lot of people will be completely happy with whats in store.

If you haven’t already reserved your copy of the game at a local game shop, now would be the time. usually they don’t sell out, but they may only have so many games for preorders. this means you might have to wait a day or 2 for the next shipment. You can reserve the game at BestBuy as well via the official StarCraft 2 website.

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