Never Wait For A Miracle, Work For A Miracle

When the a course in miracles free does not happen, it does not mean that it will not happen, try a few more times in different ways and it will happen right. If the miracle did not happen, it just means that it is not the ideal time for it. Let me explain. In nature, you plant a grain of corn or two, and the grain of corn sprouts a stalk out of the ground at the perfect time. I did not say at the time wanted or at the time allotted. I meant by “at the perfect time” that it sprouts at the time needed both by nature, and by the needs of the plant to develop. That may be in line with our time schedule or not, but it is what it is, and we must work right with it or genuinely fail. Sure, I think you know where this article may be going, but I will explain more and deeper. Nature does not give us what we want in abundance, it give us what we need and more than what we need in abundance when really realistically looked at. The growth pattern of the corn I am talking about is the perfect example of what I mean by this.

The miracle is almost always what we need, and almost never what we want then. Things may not go to the plan we want, but when we need things to go to the plan we need, they seem to have their own timetable in a way. But being in concert with nature is always the best plan of all. For working with nature to get the miracle we need is an even better plan. After all, the aforementioned corn cannot grow in an “emergency minute”, but with proper understanding, care and right work in concert with its natural process the corn will grow ultimately in abundance, even over abundance.

The wait for the miracle is the most fruitless thing in existence unless there is consistent luck that can be depended on, even the most insane gambling mind would doubt that reality of consistent luck that can be that dependable. But to take the harder I work, the luckier I am position almost always leads to the genuine miracle that can be depended upon for success, that especially happens when you are genuinely flexible and persistent and do not genuinely quit. Miracles happen, but only in concert with reality, nature and persistence to paraphrase Baruch Spinoza. I end with a song quote from The Band:

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