Looking to Sell a House Fast? Keep an Eye on Your Ophthalmologist!

If the For Sale By Owner Sign in your yard has applied for Sell my home fast security or if your real estate agent has told you that her daughter will be taking over the listing, you may want to visit your eye doctor.

Not to say you are not seeing well, but we all can learn a lot by the way she does the job. You don’t simply walk in the door and get a new prescription for your glasses or contacts.

First you wait in the outer office, but if your house sale is typical of most today, you already know how to wait. The good stuff begins when you walk in the door to the inner sanctum. The doctor, or more likely an assistant, will collect basic information about you and your eyes.

In house selling terms, this will equate to an honest evaluation of what the houses around your are selling for and how long the average house stays on the market. If you have the resources check also to see if these were cash sales or sales financed by a mortgage either from a bank or from the individual selling the house.

Stress the word “honest” evaluation! Can you imagine the ophthalmologist saying, “You need a major change in your prescription, but why don’t we just keep the same glasses and hope that you get lucky?”

If houses like yours are selling for $90,000 and they used to sell for $225,000, you might as well be wearing blinders as to list it for $114,900 and hope that something good will happen.

After collecting as much pertinent information as you can get, what the eye doctor does next is crucial. Do you remember the phrase, “Is this better or is this better?”

This is the stage in developing your new prescription where you compare different approaches one at a time.

And we suggest you go into this phase with your eyes wide open. Honestly evaluate between options, one decision at a time.

I want the full price. I want to sell the house I no longer want. Which is better? Is it more important to sell or to hold on for an indeterminate period of time hoping that something good will happen? Could be either one. Depends on your needs.

When doing the research try to determine, why it is difficult to sell house. Is it people do not want to live in a home? Or, is it that the process of buying a home is beyond the ability of millions of people who want to buy a home.

Which is better? I want to make my house easy to buy so it will be easy to sell. Or, I need to get so many dollars or I will hold on until I get lucky or the bank takes it away?

Sound silly? Sure! But, there are more people trying to sell houses than you would imagine who do not even look at the alternatives. Maybe they do not know there are alternatives. If they were fitting people for glasses, auto accidents would soar. One size does not fit all or correct all defective vision, or serve the housing needs of everyone.

Step by step decide what it is you really want and how likely you are to achieve that goal. Compare the reality your research developed and what would be ideal. Which is better? And come up with realistic answers that will work in the current market.

Consider creative ways to get your house sold and there are a lot of creative answers if you are willing to look at them one at time and say. “Is this approach better or is this better?”

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