Is Your Favorite News Station Biased?Is Your Favorite News Station Biased?

Current 9janews affairs have undergone a lot of changes in the last years and the constant migration to the online world has to be the most monumental of them all. However, not even the internet can abolish the bias that most accept exists inside our world news. Everything published through a corporation or massive news outlet often has its own secret agenda and those publishing it often do so with their own personal bias. Perhaps not always intentional or even noted by the company, but there’s no denying that exists in a lot of places and has harmed the news industry quite a lot.

It’s Apparent Everywhere

A prime example of the bias of many news corporations was the constant coverage of President Obama, beginning early in his presidential campaign and has yet to slow down in the slightest. Studies have shown that Obama received more attention from the media than any previous or current candidate, but much less negative coverage than any of his opponent. Now of course this didn’t decide the elections, but there’s no hiding the biased opinions various news-casters held on Obama be it good or bad. They no longer delivered powerful and informative news, but rather a stream of personal opinions regarding him or the situations. This sort of newscasting has become a problem for current news media, but online integration has done a lot to combat this issue.

Republican vs Reporter

Many stations that deliver current news affairs take a strong and public political biased on many situations, but don’t see it as wrong. Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, it should not matter when your duty is to deliver the news to the people who want to hear it. If the news-man is a strong conservative, it should not affect his deliverance of a certain news-story at all, yet it does and is often encouraged by those higher up. Atop this more obvious political bias, there’s a less seen advertising bias. This comes in the form of a certain company or office donating or making an advertisement with a specific news outlet. This almost always ensures that the news media takes a standing with them on most issues, regardless of who or what the situation really concerns. Now how does online news deliverance help minimize this issue? By firing the reporters and corporations.

Welcome to Your New Job

Putting the news in the hands of the people means the people will more often hear or read what they want to. Sure, there are still those who deliver bias reports that favor political parties or are being paid to advertise in their writing, but if you find one writer too bias there’s almost always more who are writing on the same subject.

Serpholic News Media is a great example of a site that allows news to be delivered by the people, but takes a strong standing on letting heavily biased news-reports take a stance on their pages. Hopefully more sites like this will emerge with time and put a stop to the one-sided current news affairs that we see each and every day.

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