Interview questions on software testing: an unusual interview

Testing as specified is one of the important part of the sms gateway development in the same way the interview questions on software testing is also a key step in the development of the software. There are various questions that can be asked during the interview. Some of the samples questions are How the testing is performed without the expected out? What are the steps of software testing.

What is a regression testing? Where testing is appropriate? Where testing can be performed? What is software testing software? Where boundary analysis testing can be performed? Tell about the walkthrough? How the quality of the software is tested? What are the different types of testing?  Scope of the software testing software. How can you decide which testing to be used and where? What is automation testing?

There are so many questions that can be asked during the interview that depends upon the software that is under development. Now days instead of software being tested manually it is tested automatically. Automation of testing have emerged a lot in recent years so the questions on automation is very interesting. Automation testing includes questions like Tester familiar with the automation testing? How the automation tools are used? How test plan is automated?

Automation of testing has an upper hand over manual testing? Attributes of automation testing? Benefits of automation testing?. There are many interview questions on software testing that can be asked but it depends upon the type of testing, type of software, and many things. Interview is of two types formal and informal. In the formal interview the interviewee is the higher authority person of the organization.

He want s to know that the software that his company or organization is manufacturing is of what quality and want to know that the software is according to customer specifications. Ant the second one is informal i.e. the interviewee is the customer. The customer asks questions about the software i.e. about the working of the software and also checks whether his specifications are fulfilled. Interview questions on software testing are the must before the software is being marketed.

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