How To Design An Effective Trade Show Booth

New products are announced, major players give their outlook for the upcoming year, and smaller companies can enter the public eye. As with everything, your first impressions of a company are important, and those impressions often come from their trade mxl tv booths. Large numbers of attendees remember a company’s trade show booth more readily than what they presented or what they announced.

With so much riding on how your trades show display, you have to look at it seriously. There are a handful of questions you have to ask when designing your booth. These relate to the size of the show, booths you have done in the past, what your competitors’ booths look like, and what you are planning on showing to the attendees. Let’s take a look at each of these to help you get the most out of your booth.

Trade shows come in various sizes and shapes, and so should the booths. Large shows like the Consumer Electronics Show call for large booths. CES show booths are notorious for being multi-million dollar affairs that take up large amounts of space and are attractions all by themselves. At the 2011 show, companies like Panasonic and Sony had booths that were larger than some smaller shows and housed dozens of exhibition employees.

Now, not every show booth needs to be this size. If your show is not in a million and a half exhibition space, then don’t design a trade booth that is tens of thousands of square feet. However, you want to make your booth large enough to attract customer eyes. So how large should you make it? That’s where comparing it to other displays come in.

When designing a trade booth, it is important to look at what you have done in the past and what your competitors are doing for the show. By looking at what your company has put out before, you can try and keep any established themes. Brand retention applies to the displays as well as product development. if an attendee or distributor can recognize your company without thinking, you are more likely to get them into your booth to hear your presentation.

Look at your competitors’ booths is important for staying competitive. You do not want to develop a reputation of being ‘behind the times’ by not having a booth that is in some way similar to your competitors. By examining their past booths, you can get a feel for what they may bring to the next show. Don’t imitate their designs, but keep them in mind, and make something with a similar feel. For example, don’t close off your booth when everyone else is doing open air displays.

The simplest idea for the design is to remember your product. The biggest mistake a company can make is to build a booth that doesn’t highlight what they are trying to present. If you build a labyrinth that is not navigable, or a booth that is full of lights and sounds unrelated to your product, you will gain a poor reputation within your industry. Maintaining your reputation is vital in any industry, especially in one where you are trying to sell a product.

For a large number of companies, the best advice for designing a trade show booth is to keep is as simple as possible. Don’t make it easily forgettable, but make sure that it is appropriate for the climate of a professional show.

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