Hair Loss From Steroids – Specific Steroidal Compounds that Can Accelerate Male Pattern Baldness

Certain steroidal compounds are notorious for accelerating androgenic alopecia. buy human growth hormone Hair loss, after all, is a product of the androgenic hormone DHT or dihydrotestosterone attaching and progressively thinning hair follicles that are not genetically program to resist this hormone. I am not a doctor, none of this should be considered medical advice, I encourage you to speak with your doctor or an endocrinologist if you are experiencing hair loss and wish to prevent it.

Most anabolic steroids will increase your testosterone levels since nearly all steroidal compounds are derivatives of testosterone. Testosterone can convert to DHT – causing hair loss from steroids. Other compounds, such as proviron or winstrol, are actually DHT derivatives and molecularly similar to the hormone. If you value your hair, you basically want to stay away from compounds that drastically increase your DHT and testosterone levels.

Specific steroids that you should avoid are anadrol (oxymetholone), dianabol (methandrostenolone), trenbolone, winstrol (stanozolol) and high doses of testosterone. All of these compounds are highly androgenic and will attack your hair follicle if you are prone to hair loss. Winstrol is particularly bad, even men not prone (or significantly less prone) to male pattern baldness report hair loss or at last temporary shedding from winstrol oral or injectables.

Anavar (oxyandrolone) is considered to be the “safest” steroid because it does not convert to DHT or estrogen – which causes other side effects such as gynocomastia. Anavar is without question the safest compound for your hair. Anavar is a very effective steroidal compound that is ideal for building strength while losing body fat. Some athletes and bodybuilders use it add size as well. Anavar is expensive but since it is very low on side effects, it remains a popular compound.

Turinabol  (4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) sometimes called “tbol” is also considered a safe choice if you are trying to preserve your scalp hair. Molecularly speaking, the compound is completely anabolic and void of androgenic properties. Oral turinabol is thought to maintain a 100:0 ratio of anabolic properties : androgenic properties. While this may or may not translate to real life, you can assume the oral turinabol will be safe on your hair at moderate doses – 50mg or less.

Deca-Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) has a 125:37 anabolic : androgenic ratio, can cannot convert to DHT – also making it a safe choice for your hair. While this is good news, in order to run deca effectively and safely, you almost need to be using synthetic testosterone – at a dose slightly higher than deca. Testosterone readily converts to DHT. Deca seems like a good choice for those prone to male pattern baldness, but it actually isn’t because you need to be using testosterone.

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