Gambling Addiction – Are you addicted? – My Personal Experience

Gambling addiction is a growing problem faced by adults in the country. Many people do not realize the bad impact of gambling addiction on not only to the lives of the addicts, but the lives of everyone surrounding them. According to hoki222, a simple addiction to

only dangerous, but is proven to be the source to major problems if left untreated. Here are some of the common reasons how people fall into gambling addiction.

Scientifically, gambling is not just fun.To most, it actually is considered to be a thrill, which would promote adrenaline rush. When this happens, the body would secrete all sorts of feel good’ hormones and chemicals into the blood stream, resulting in a temporary

When it comes to gambling addiction, it is mostly mental and psychological compared to anything else. Like for example, most addicts when asked by therapists claim that gambling helps them to ‘fill an empty void in their lives’. These ‘voids’ are subjective from person to another, from bad social life, to loneliness, from boredom to lack of purpose in life. Unfortunately, many people feel that gambling provides a chance to an

While winning is a good thing, it is possibly one of the worst thing to happen to someone who is prone to gambling addiction. Winning big in a casino is like a fuel injection which fires up gambling addiction to those who are more opt to be addicted. Once they feel the rush during the win, they want more. If they don’t get it, they get depressed, hence, falling into the depths of gambling addiction.

Research shows that those who have first degree relatives who have addiction problems with gambling are more like or prone to be addicted as well. Therefore, it is best to avoid altogether from gambling. It could be fun at first, but once you plummet into addiction, it is a tough path to get out of it.

Whatever it is, you should know that there is a way to stop gambling addiction. It should not be left the way that it is, and you should seek help to stop the addiction. Gambling addiction is self destructive, and steps should be taken to ensure you do not get addicted, or even if you already are, find a way out of it.

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