Differences Between Steam and Dry Carpet Cleaning

The use of carpets for Professional cleaning services decoration has a rich history. Though not certain whether the Chinese or the Greek were the first to use it, but using carpets is now very popular worldwide. However, you might have very nice and beautiful carpets at your home. But, your nice carpets do not remain nice anymore if you have some pets at your home. Solid and liquid spills, debris and dusts, dirt etc can worsen the conditions of your carpet. If this is the case, there remains no option but to clean the carpets. Anyway, there are two basic carpet cleaning methods – steam and dry cleaning. What makes most of the carpet users confused is that whether they should prefer dry cleaning or steam cleaning.

Steam carpet cleaning refers to using steam or very low amounts of moisture to clean up the carpets. Certain chemicals and other cleaning substances are the basic elements used in steam carpet cleanout. But, ‘dry carpet cleaning’ means cleaning the carpets without the use of any water or other liquid chemicals. Many people prefer the dry method over the steam because it does not require them to dry up the carpets for further usage. However, below is a list of some points elaborating the differences between these two carpet cleaning methods.

Cleaning substances used in the dry method are mostly solid. The basic dry cleaning methods include spreading certain powders throughout the carpet and let them chase the dusts. After a certain period of time, the vacuum cleaner is used to remove all the dusts and other dirt. But, on the contrary, steam methods require using water and other watery materials as the cleaning substances. It does not involve using the dry cleaner. Rather, you have to use your fingers to rub the stains and other debris. This cleaning method seems a bit hazardous if you are not habituated with it.

If you are in a hurry and need to take care of the carpet within a short span of time, you can go for the dry cleaning methods. You can make the carpets dirt free within a short while if you follow the dry cleaning methods. All you have to use is your vacuum cleaner and some other chemicals that help the carpet remain clean. But, steam cleaning needs time. As it involves the usage of water, you have to invest some time in washing your carpet and let it dry.

The biggest benefit of dry carpet cleaning is that it keeps the carpets dry and moisture free. But, dry cleaning has certain limitations. This cleaning method does not work best for removing spills and other permanent stains. Experts suggest that dry cleaning is the best option for a temporary cleaning. But, steam cleaning works best for removing stains and other permanent marks. If you use this method to clean up your carpet, you will have to dry the carpet as well.

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