currently europe is now the part of attention for the world

Europe is now a part of attention for this world most of the advancement in the field of education is going on in Europe. The reason for this prosperity is their devotion and care to the e field of education. Every emerging technique is part of their sally bus. Considering all of these factors Europe is gaining more and more attention for a course in miracles. People from all over the world are now being concentrated in this area for the sake of education. Though they do have education in their country as well but they came here to learn modern education. Scientific education is however is well being taught but bright always have a dark part with it.

The class which contains students with entirely different or somehow controversial background makes it difficult to prevail religious teaching in the educational institutes. Religion education along with the modern education is entirely a new subject of matter. The question of the place of religion in public life has emerged in Europe, in societies which, though ever more secular, are increasingly multicultural and in search of meaning.

The problem was highlighted by France; they survey that ignorance regarding the religion growing day by day in the young people. The present situation of the young people clearly gave the fact that that the disappearance among many young people of

Any reference to religious culture prevents them from understanding an essential part of their own heritage as well as a lack of cultural reference cut young people off from their own roots and create It has problem for student in acquiring knowledge in this certain field. More importantly, it lays the foundation for intolerance and prejudice.

Teaching about religions along with other convictions, is broader objective of intercultural and citizenship education for young people, it can play a very important role in reversing this trend. However, approaches to religious education must be adopted in state schools in Europe still have some way to go to take up this challenge School is at the heart of the nation-state, not only as the means by which citizens are educated but also as a mirror of social and cultural tensions that afflict society.

There are countries where, the separation of church and state exists; the state maintains cooperation of more or less importance with the church. In Spain according to the constitution, the public authorities have a duty to maintain working relations with the Catholic Church. Sweden, the separation of the Lutheran Church and the state is very recent. In this country religious education is allowed in the school curriculum, but it must be strictly objective. The Netherlands has the most distinctive situation of all the countries in this study.

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