Andy Gray: An E-Cigs Expert Relx Pods

Who is this Andy Gray? Why is he so popular nowadays? Why is he so special and now an expert in E-cigs? What made him so famous? Well, this article will tell you how life has treated him. Just like a fairy tale story, he made his career from zero to Relx Pods.

Andy Gray is just an ordinary guy who is hooked in cigarettes. He was young when he started smoking, and just like one of the clichés, “once you pop, you can’t stop” he was not able to stop smoking. He then met a girl and got married. Soon after the marriage, his wife got pregnant. He knew the risk of smoking to pregnant women and the effects on their baby. He wanted to stop smoking as soon as he can. One day on the year of 2009, one of his friends introduced him to electronic cigarettes, and that gave him such a great impact that he was able to reduce his nicotine gradually. In the smoking community, people who changed from smoking regular smoke to electric cigarettes are called vapers instead of smokers. For a couple of years, he was able to gradually decrease his nicotine content and was able to stopped smoking.

. He attributed his success to a local company called “Green Smokes” who is now the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. He was so happy with the product and the impact in his life that he made it his personal mission to spread the advantages of electronic cigarettes. He then researched more in this new field. He then started to use other products and realized that each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. For a couple of months after he started his research, he then started a blog and writes all he knew about using electronic cigarettes. From time to time, people started reading his blogs and leaved comments regarding about his topics. Many got interested on the new invention and started the e cigs craze.

In his blog, he cited the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes. He also cited which brand is better and cited some insightful reviews for all the smokers out there. He also recently started a podcast to help everyone who wanted to listen. He then became from novice to an expert in electronic cigarettes. In one of his blog, he cited that electronic cigarettes are efficient and cost effective. One reason is that he no longer have to drive a couple of blocks to buy a new pack of cigarettes, it not only saves him time but also saves him in gas. Almost all manufacturers have free deliveries for their cartridges and other supplies. So all he has to do is getting out of his house and walk toward his mailbox and refill his cartridge and began puffing out.

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