Rockband 3: The Latest In Music Game Technology For Christmas 2010

Without exception, in today’s world one of the best presents you can get for the teens and tweens crowd are video android game development company. And, this Christmas is a great time to consider one of the most popular releases for your kids: Rockband 3. This is the latest in the series of music video games that enable you to play along to popular songs by means of controllers that emulate a variety of musical instruments.

Unlike other music video games, Rockband 3 has been designed to accommodate several platforms. Even so, you need to be sure you have one of those systems before buying. The following list reveals what the Rockband 3 game system will operate on:

In addition, Rockband 3 features a number of new options compared to earlier versions. These include a new party mode, great for enabling groups of friends to play together, and a career mode that has been altered to now include over 700 goals and different rewards. Players are also able to create set lists to share with their friends online

The Rockband 3 system comes pre-loaded with 83 songs that are guaranteed to keep the teens and tweens entertained and to prevent them from getting bored too quickly. It’s also compatible with previous Rockband Games and downloaded tracks for those who already own them. In addition, players will have access to 2,000 songs to purchase, with more songs being added all the time.

Due to this latest version of the popular game, there are more instruments to choose from than ever before. In fact, there has been a whole set of controllers designed specifically for Rockband 3. In addition to the original band instruments (microphone, guitar, drums and bass), players can also add a keyboard, plus two other vocalists to then create a 3 part harmony. This allows up to 7 players at once!

In addition to the keyboard, the makers of Rockband 3 have also upgraded the drums (with an extra cymbal set add-on), two new guitars designed for “Pro” mode (one that plays like a real guitar, and one with a number of extra buttons) and a new MIDI adaptor to enable your existing keyboards or drums to be plugged into the game!

Rockband 3 is something the entire family will enjoy. Kids, teens and adults alike will have lots of fun emulating their favorite rock artists. With this latest version of this popular game, featuring new life-like musical instruments, it’s now more realistic than ever before! Just make sure, unless you plan on buying the console, you’ll need to find out which console (if any) the recipient of this fantastic gift has before purchasing the game.

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