Zukey Lake Tavern Run – Again

Nine sea kayakers made the 14 mile trip from Portage Lake to Zukey Lake just to paddle for beer.  Two people had a Hell of A Ride the day before, riding 100 miles on their road bikes.  We had a good paddle, river down from last time, not much power boat traffic on the way there.  The power boaters woke-up about 2PM.  Saw lots of other kayakers going down river, more than I have observed on one day on the chain, kayaking must be catching on.

We had three Greenland boats doing the paddle.  Mine was not among them, still have not worked on the seating position to get it right. hoping today is the day I can get to it.  Then I can Start Greenland Kayaking

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  1. Janet

     /  August 8, 2011

    I’m thinking of kayaking from Ore Lake to Zukey Lake Tavern where I’d be picked up.

    What kind of a paddle would that be? How far is it? I’m experienced but a couple paddlers with me are not. Could they do it?

    Where could I find info on that trip?

  2. I think that would be pretty easy, it is all with the current, the hardest part would be from the inlet to Strawberry going across Strawberry and Zukey. The Huron Clinton Metro Authority has info and river maps with paddle times (real conservative times). Stay close to shore on Strawberry on weekends, power boats can not be trusted to see you. I have gone from Huron Meadows to Little Portage in less than a day with Lunch At Zukey.

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