We Did What Nobody Else Was Allowed To Do

We did not realize it until later but we did what the HCMA was not letting anyone else do – paddle down the Huron River on a hot summer day with a nice river water level.  The HCMA was making and enforcing restrictions to the river’s use, like they own the Huron River.  They closed all the canoe launches and fishing access all along the Huron River South of Portage dam to Delhi Park.

There must be lawyers involved, yes the river was high for July 31st but it was not dangerous.  Sure you could do something stupid and hurt yourself but that is true anytime on the water.  Note it was unsafe to even fish…

We even went over all the rapids all the way down until Delhi Park.  We put in at Little Portage Lake and portaged at the dam at the end of Portage Lake on the Huron and went though the Hudson Mills Rapids without portaging.  All this with sea kayaks.  I think the HCMA was a little over the top in their restrictions today.  We wondered why we had the river to ourselves.  We saw a few canoes near Dexter from private property, and some tubers were putting in at the Mast bridge in Dexter.

Check out the video and you tell me if it looks dangerous.

Huron 003

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  1. Bill Black

     /  August 18, 2011

    Rain doesn’t bring the Huron to good runnable levels very often this time of year, wish I had paddled it with you. My comment to HCMA or any law enforcement people is always “kayakers like us are the best rescue squad you have”. I demonstrated this last May by pulling a lone boater out of the water near Dexter while fire department people could only look on. When water is high and eddies begin to vanish, I do feel safer when there are at least three boats in my group. hazards like tree falls and bridge abutments (canoes and kayaks can get folded around obstacles like these with fatal results). Managing these risks is not that hard to do and I look forward to doing the Hudson Mills to Delhi run next time the water is up. SYOTR

  2. Yes, Hoping to get back out there and do more of the Huron.

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