Unpredictable November For Kayaking

This week is warm in Michigan for November. Even in Southeast Michigan it can be in the 30’s for a high or like this week in the 60’s. I have to work in an office all week so I’m missing the warm days to be paddling up and down the Huron River.

I don’t work for progressive people oriented company like Patagonia where when the surfs up the employees go out and surf the waves. No no matter how nice it is during the week I’m sitting at my desk and not in my kayak. Getting exercise for health is not part of the corporate culture. As you can tell I’m addicted to kayaking, enjoying the company of other like minded paddlers. If you start kayaking be warned you may not be able to stop.

If you think you may want to try the sport next year, then take some classes at the local school systems to learn the proper techniques and safety precautions over the winter. Just going out on your own next year with no mentors or training may make your first kayak experience a disaster with the wrong equipment and technique. Then you may give up the sport before you even really start kayaking.

If you are in Southeast Michigan, I can recommend some instructors and groups to get you going. There are events for kayaking being held every week even in the cold weather. I am planning on a paddle instead of shopping the day after Thanksgiving at Island Lake State Park. If that sounds like fun, check out the Great Lakes Paddlers calendar / event page online at: http://www.greatlakespaddlers.org/calendar/calendar.htm.

For the November 26th event I’m going to try my 10′ kayak instead of my almost 17′ sea kayak. My little kayak does not get much use since I’m usually on bigger bodies of water. If you paddle larger lakes you will enjoy a larger kayak if you are like most people who start kayaking with small boats.

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