The Kayak Coffin Arrives

It’s been a long time since I blogged, my apologies, just been too busy with other activities.

The P&H Kayak that I demo’ed back on July 19th then had it sold from under me because I waited till the next morning and was subsequently talked into ordering (not a very hard sell) was finally delivered on December 29th.  Kelly Blades was kind enough to get it from the intermediate shipment location in Brighton Michigan and deliver it to my house.  I ordered the kayak at the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium in July originally being told it would be 4 t0 6 weeks, this short timing surprised me but who knows.

Then in September I got a sheepish call from someone at Downwind Sports that the 4 to 6 weeks was really 4 to 6 months, and they wanted to know if I still wanted the boat, oh well.  I found out that the planned delivery date was in March 2013!  Had I not called to see where it was and indicate that I still wanted it delivered when it arrived from England via North Carolina I would still be waiting.  The boat has a manufacturing date of September 2012.  One benefit is I’m going to the GLSKS 2013 for free, a bonus for buying the boat at the symposium.

When Kelly arrived with the boat on December 29th it looked like he had a white coffin on his truck.  The packaging for shipment was really something.  Seven layers of material.  It required a trip to the Dexter recycling center afterwards.

Here’s the boat with the first layer removed, a heavy white paper felt like material.

Kayak Packaging

Layer One Removed

Next covering is a very heavy cardboard, taped on, lots of clear tape in this packaging.

Layer 2

Outer Cardboard Layer 2

Next layer more cardboard.

Layer 3 Cardboard

Next is the foam pipe insulation tubes.  (if you need any pipe insulation let me know)

Layer 4

Layer 4 Foam Tubes

Next layer is a plastic tube tightly taped everywhere – no water during shipment was going to enter.

Layer 5

Layer 5 Plastic Wrap

Next was a thin white foam layer, again with lots of tape.

Layer 6

Layer 6 Foam Sheet

Layer seven is a fabric mesh tube like a sock.

Layer 7

Last Layer Fabric Tube

Finally I get to see the boat.  It took a good 45 minutes to get the boat uncovered and in the rack in my garage.  More time to clean up the mess.


Done Unpacking

It almost did not fit on the wall in the garage with the other four boats.  The skin on frame Greenland boat is on the front wall and the standup paddle on the other wall – running out of storage space.

In Storage Waiting for Soft Water

The mess left behind.  The pipe tubes I can take to Recycle Ann Arbor.

All The Packaging

Bottom line is it would have been easier to buy the boat at the symposium in July and carry it back on my truck than to unwrap the delivered boat in December.  The boat will see Brighton HS pool rolling action this winter and a trip back down South to Tybee Island Ga. the first week of April.

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