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The Skin On Frame Kayak group “Skirts and Skins” help a kayak demo to try out various skin on frame kayaks to determine what size and characteristics works the best.

Want To Start Kayaking – Beginning to Kayak?

Beginning to kayak, or if you’re thinking about how to start kayaking? What most newbie paddlers don’t know is there are many types of kayaks and the ease of paddling; ease of tipping over varies wildly depending on the model and type.

Kayak Entry and Exit From Shore

Enter and Exit a Kayak from shore without getting wet. This is useful for cold weather paddling.

Sea Kayaking Tips

Huron River Kayaking

The Huron River is a great resource for Southeast Michigan for kayaking

Full Skin On Frame Launch Series Posted

If you were part of this event, you may want to watch the whole video, or if you just like watching reality events enjoy. The idea is to see that lots of people are enjoying kayaking and if you want to get some good exercise, and meet new people this sport is a way you […]

Fair Weather Boaters

I am out on the lake as much as possible, either in my kayak or my 30 HP Craig Cat  power boat (after kayaking). The amount of people on the water is directly linked to sun and temperature, an increase in either brings an increase in traffic. This also applies to kayakers. I have had […]

Close Encountrer Of the Bird Kind


Kayak Safety – The “Crab”

Kayak safety

River Tour

Posted a video on my Facebook page, check it out at: