SUP To Hell and Back

I have not blogged in a long time, just busy with other activities, not enough time or to be honest the drive to sit down and blog after doing all the other stuff I have been doing for the last year.  I’m trying to get ready for a major move South for more warm weather and water.  Took time out to SUP with a friend on the Hyland Lakes chain in Southeast Michigan, it’s near Ann Arbor and Chelsea Mi.  This chain of lakes connects to the Huron River chain of lakes.

There was supposed to be a bigger group with SUP training and rental provided by Paddle the Mitten  –, however not enough people signed up and the training event cancelled the day before.  Well me and my friend Gerry already had our SUPs on our cars so why not go anyway and SUP to Hell (what the Hell?).


SUP Transport

That’s Hell MI for those that aren’t familiar with the area.  There is a beer and burger place at the dam called The Dam Site Inn (what else?).  It is popular with the motorcycle crowd as a good destination.  The whole area is just gorgeous, winding two lane country roads with lots of lakes and trees and farms.  I could get in trouble there if you gave me a fast 2 seat sports car to drive.

Back to the trip, we unloaded and met a guy from the Livingston County Press, he wanted some SUP pics and Gerry mounted a Gopro video camera on his board (not sure this worked well).  Pictures can be found of us on that site  pictures are labeled Stand up paddle boarding at Pinckney Rec Area’s Halfmoon Lake, or use the link while active: .  After the photo session we paddled to the dam and back, very nice quiet peaceful paddle with lots to see nature wise, only a couple of boats on the channel to Hyland Lake.

Halfmoon LAke

SUP to the channel

Dam Site Inn

At the Dam

Hell Dam

The Dam

Safety Gate at the dam

Safety Gate at the dam – minimal

Boards at rest at The Dam Site Inn

Boards at rest at The Dam Site Inn parking lot – before the ninja motorcycle gang showed up

Return to Halfmoon Lake

Return to Halfmoon Lake

Our waitress at The Dam Site Inn said we were the first SUPs to show up at the Inn – “they had never seen surf boards there before”

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! It’s too bad the training event was cancelled, but glad y’all decided to go anyway. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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