The Skin On Frame Kayak group “Skirts and Skins” held a Greenland kayak pool demo at the Brighton Michigan High School pool to try out various skin on frame Greenland kayaks to determine what size and characteristics works the best.  Each skin on frame kayak was a little different.

SOF Kayak Pool Session

Getting Some Greenland Kayak Pool Time

I am still undecided about the width of my boat.  I liked the 20 inch wide boat and the 21 inch boat.  The wider the more stability.  Narrower the boat will be faster but less stable, the kayak should be a little of a challenge at first to improve paddling skills.

Skin On Frame Demo

Trying Out The Skin On Frame

Pool Demo For Skin On Frame Kayak

Trying Out The Greenland boats

Demo Of The Skin On Frame Kayak

Building Skin On Frame Is Not Just A Guy Thing

Does anyone that attended the pool session have any impressions of the boat demoed?


Any other women out there interested in building a Greenland high performance boat?

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