Greenland Skin On Frame Kayak Building Begins

An informal group (Skirts and Skins) has come together as a team effort to learn and build Greenland Skin On Frame Kayaks. It is an international mix of people with several engineers in the group in the states due employment with international companies. The group has rented a warehouse in Livonia Michigan to build 15 kayaks and one canoe in 3 months. There are two more people still considering it.

These kayaks are not from a kit, all from scratch. There are a couple of experienced builders in the group and some craftsmen woodworkers. A couple people from last year’s build are coming back to finish their boats. I will be taking photos to document the build and maybe shoot some videos. The overall material cost is estimated at $300.00, this does not include the cost of tools you may not have. There are many woodworking tools I have been wanting, so now I have an excuse to buy them. I’m also looking at a power sander that I need but have put off.

This should be a fun activity but it will take time – 80-100 hours part time is estimated. Our team leader has promised to keep everyone on schedule. When the build is complete and the waters warm it’s an excuse for a launch party – 2nd annual. Please leave comments and let me know if you have questions.

The Agenda

Skin On Frame Kayak

Greenland Cockpit View

SOF Lecther

Our Leader

SOF Build Tools

The Greenland Tools

This is a fun project to start kayaking this spring on the Huron River in Southeast Michigan. Let me know if you find this interesting – or not.


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