Greenland Skin On Frame Kayak Building 4

Safety Gear For Cutting Gunwales

Safety First For Cutting Cedar Gunwales

This Greenland building session we were ripping the 19-20 foot cedar boards in half for the gunwales, ending up about two and 3/4 inches wide.  Then the next step was  marking the boards transferring the “story board” markings to the gunwales.  The step after that was to mark the rib locations for the mortising.

The Start Of The SOF Kayak - Cut Gunwales

Marking Gunwales

Ready To Mark Greenland Gunwale Using Story Board

There will be about 50 mortises to cut.    A ruler and a combination square is used to draw the mortise outline on the gunwale locations . One builder from last year had a fixture to mark the mortise width, this was very helpful and a time saver.  The marking gauge sped up this process  and allowed more consistent marking.

Mortise Machine For Gunwale Ribs

Power Mortise Tool and Fixturing

The Greenland mortises were cut by a power tool, but they could also be made by hand tools if one wanted to be a Greenland Kayak purest and spend more time doing it.  A jig was set up with a power mortise tool which really made the job of cutting all the mortises into the gunwale go quick.

Cut Mortises In Gunwales

Cut Mortises In Greenland Gunwales

This post is short but the work for this session took most of the day, lunch was bought in so the work could continue.

I thought a lot was accomplished at the session, do you agree?

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