Skin On Frame Greenland Kayak Build 5 and 6

Sessions 5 and 6 involved marking and mortising both the rib and the beam locations. Cutting and gluing on bow and stern triangles onto the gunwales.  Some people opted to not add the extra wood triangles for a lower profile kayak.  We learned that going out to lunch on Saturday takes a chunk of time out of the day, and progress afterward is slower.  Maybe the two beers had something to do with that.  So next Saturday it is sandwiches in.

Build Consultation

Going By the Book - Consultation

Mortising the beam locations using a fixture

Mortising the rib locations using a hand made fixture

Assembly Area

View of the assembly area

Power tools ready for work

Power tools ready for work, not everything is done with hand tools

Bow Cut Ready For Shaping

Bow Cut Ready For Shaping

Mortising Beam Locations

Mortising Beam Locations with another hand made fixture

Gunwales Mortised

Mortised gunwales ready for deck shaping

Gunwales with triangles for shaping

Gunwales with triangles for shaping

Gunwale Shaping

Gunwales with wood added for shape

Gunwales assembled with the center and end forms. Beam #3 and beam #9 measured to make the middle spreader forms.  Work on the steamer box in the background.

Gunwale with forms

Gunwale with forms

Frame Taking Shape

Frame taking shape

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