Skin On Frame Greenland Kayak 2011 Building Schedule – Skirts & Skins Group

Posted here is a Greenland Kayak schedule for the  first two months of the build process.  This is based on the 2010 Skirts and Skins Group 2010 build which was based in downtown Brighton Michigan.  This years 2011 Skin On Frame kayak build is in a bigger facility in Livonia Michigan off Plymouth Road.

The Greenland kayak build is underway and on schedule the pictures below will indicate where people should be by that date.  It takes a while before the boat looks like a boat.  It should be noted that one person in the group is building a kayak and does not yet own one, so it is not just for hard core kayakers.

Balance point and story board marking

Finding balance point and making a story board

Gunwales are assembled with lashing

Gunwales are assembled with lashing

Kayak forms made after determining the width of kayak to be built. Only 3 out of the 5 needed now at this time.  Date 2/10/11

Kayak Forms

Making Kayak forms 3 out of 5 done now

Cutting of the gunwales, transferring the “story board” dimensions and marking the rib mortise locations 2/12/11.

Cutting the gunwales

Gunwales are cut, marking ribs and beams

Mortises are now cut for the ribs by the end of the day 2/12/11.

Gunwales with mortises cut

Greenland Gunwales with mortises cut

Using the forms to start the shape of the boat 2/17/11. The other 2 forms are now marked and cut.

Starting Gunwale Frame

Forms For gunwale frame shape for 2/17/11

Adding boards to shape to the gunwales, then cutting the deck beam mortises, bevel gunwales, hollow shear – ends of gunwales, prep deck beams, cut Tenons at end of deck beams 2/19/11.

Gunwale Greenland Shape By adding Borads

Shaping Gunwales 2/19/11

Gunwale board shape is complete, deck beams are added by mortising and pegging,  back rest and foot rest are worked on during the week of 2/21/11, then this below view is how the boat should look by 3/3/11.  Not sure about the look of the boat builder at this point.

Gunwale Frame view by March 3rd 2011

Greenland Gunwale Frame view by March 3rd 2011

Assemble gunwales, lock gunwales and deck beams, join gunwale ends with Trennels.  Lashing holds gunwales in place during assembly. 3/5/11.

Gunwale Frame Work continues

Gunwale Frame Work Continues 3/5/11

Gumwale beams

View of Gunwale Beams by 3/5/11

Sizing up ribs

Sizing up ribs 3/5/11

Ribs being measured, cut to size and bevel ends, check for fit, bevel bending points.

Ribs Being cut and installed

Greenland Ribs Being Cut to Size 3/10/11

Bending Jig used (need to construct one if not already done, we have a jig) ribs bent into shape, bending at thinned areas by 3/12 starting to resemble a boat.

Bending Ribs

Ribs after bending 3/12/11

Ribs in place

Starting to look like a Greenland boat with ribs in place

Pinning Ribs

Ribs Ready for Pinning 3/17/11

Ready to work on the keelson.

Adding Keelson

Keelson being added 3/19/11

Cutting and fitting the Greenland Kayak keelson, install fairing blocks, lashing the keelson, cut chines,taper chine ends, round edges, tie line around frame at deck beams 3,6,7, and 9.  Bevel chine ends, position and lash chines 3/24/11 to 3/26/11

Keelson attachment 3/19/11

Keelson attachment 3/19/11

Checking boat fit, taking measurements for the Greenland Masik (pronounced maa sheek)

Checking fit for Masik

Checking the fit - Masik design

Construction of the Masik

Masik Construction

Making the Greenland Masik - a custom design by 3/31/11

Two months down one more month to go – to be continued. Does this look easy to do?  Please take the time to comment, very much appreciated.

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