Greenland “Skin On Frame” Building Week 8 – End of March

The Greenland kayak “skin on frame” building is getting exciting as the ribs are being added to 5 boats, stems being worked on (front and back part).  For two of the boats the ribs, the stems,  keelson, and chimes are completed.  These two boat the bottom side is complete, turned over and top side being finished.

The steamer was again fired up on Saturday, we had an expert visit us for the day (Chuck).  He helped many of us with the activities we were working on, he also had a cockpit part to work on using the steamer.

Lots of lashing is involved in attaching the keelson and chimes.  This is done by drilling holes in the middle of the keelson and chimes (our technique) and using artificial sinew (waxed nylon twine simulating original Greenland material), the sinew is lashed around the rib and through the hole with a large needle.  I stuck myself several times with the needle in this process.  I was the last to leave as I had to try and catch up for the fact that I’m going to miss next Thursday’s kayak build due to company travel (San Antonio Texas).  Will be checking out the River Walk there and the 89 degrees.

Utility bill came in for the leased facility $700 was the worst case estimate, came in at $300 so we are doing OK on the costs, rib wood was expensive this year but better wood. I did not break a single rib during bending. Normal estimate for breakage are 3 to 5 ribs causing re-dos back to the steamer. Week 8 Video

Kayak Bow Stem

Stem and Keelson Being Added To My Greenland Boat

Kayak Bow Stem and Keelson

Chime Ends Being shaped to the Stem

Kayak Keelson Shaping

Chime Marking For Stem Match - Two Pencil Technique

Steffen was the first to complete the Greenland Kayak boat bottom working to Midnight the previous Thursday (he’s young, still able to get up early for work). The pictures do not do the woodwork justice. This is a work of art, fine German craftsmanship.


Kayak Frame Bottom Complete

Kayak Frame Bottom Complete - Steffen's

Kayak Frame Art

Kayak Frame Artwork by Steffen

This is one of the decisions to make, what angle to make the bow and stern stems, high for good tracking, narrow for quick turning and maneuverability.  Following the ribs means quick turning, making the bow and stern higher for tracking means the need to add blocks to span the space.  I choose the better tracking.  Will not know the benefit until the boat is done and in the water.


Adding Blocks to Keelson

An Example of adding Blocks To The Ribs and Keelson

Stem Plate added to bow on Steffen’s Greenland boat, some fine wood working, this will not be a visual part after the skin is put on, however the skin will show the shape of the stem plate.

Kayak Stem Plate

Greenland Stem Plate

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