Greenland Kayak “Skin On Frame” Building Week 11

Second session of Greenland Kayak Building week 11, was used to make coamings, and finish Masiks. The steamer cranked up to bend the coamings around forms made to fit the individual Kayaks.  I added a new aluminum strip to an existing fixture and drilled some more holes for clamps.

Coaming Fixture

Greenland Kayak Coaming Fixture

I was able to use a fixture from last year’s Greenland Kayak Building as the dimensions were so close to one I would make. The size is 24 inches by 19 inches one eighth, I might have made it 23.5 inches by 19 inches and a quarter, so no need to spend the time building a new form.

Coaming In Fixture

Coaming In Fixture

The 1.5 inch coming strip is planned down at each end from a point starting 10 inches from the end. This is bent to the shape of the form, left overnight. Then a square strip 7 eights by 7 eights which will be the coaming flange is prepared to to fit at the top of the coaming for the spray skirt. This will also be steamed and bent in the form. Holes are drilled and lashed to the coaming.

A Completed Coaming By Steffan

A Completed Greenland Coaming By Steffan

We are waiting for some new Greenland Kayak skin to arrive (850 Jr Ballistic Nylon) from the Skin Boats Site, the skin we had was not going to work, so this delayed some of us from starting the skin process. Three people are planning to dye their boats a copper color.

View without Skin

Naked View Without Skin

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