Skin On Frame Build – Greenland Kayak Project

Went shopping in Ann Arbor Michigan on Sunday for wood for the Greenland Masik – the beam in front of the paddler.  This can be made out of many types of woods, it is a curved piece.  Can be made from steaming and bending several layers gluing each layer, or out a curved piece of wood , or a piece cut for shape.  I am going to do a combination of bending and layering and gluing a curved piece on.  To see what someone else did for their Greenland boat look at the last picture of the schedule two posts ago.

I went to Recycle Ann Arbor a non-profit that recycles just a everything.  They are connected with another group called Urbanwood.  This group obtains trees cut down in urban areas and then takes them to local saw mills and processes the lumber.  This a very green way of using wood, it is local, uses local resources – local jobs, uses tress that normally would be destroyed and turns them into wood products. To learn more about this renewable lumberyard wood alternative click on this link for Urban Wood.

There was so much selection but I choose a piece of sassafras wood for it’s grain and somewhat lightness, lighter than oak but still a hardwood.  I will post pictures later of the Greenland Masik construction.  What do you think about the Urban Wood concept?  Ever hear of it before?

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