Greenland Skin On Frame Build 3

Greenland kayak building materials arrives today and gets distributed to about 18 people to begin the actual build.     The stack of wood is  about $1100.00, contains Western Cedar, fir. and pine.  Last meeting we took body measurements and recorded them on a wood “story pole”.  These measurements are important since where you sit in the skin on frame boat has a significant impact on how the Greenland kayak behaves in the water.

Skin On Frame Kayak Build Width Check

Greenland SOF Width Measurement

If your weight is too far forward the bow sinks deeper than the stern and the kayak will wander.  This will use up a lot of your energy trying to keep the kayak on a straight course.  Place your weight too far aft (behind center balance point) will allow the kayak to track well, however at the expense of maneuverability, also it will be more difficult to hold course in the wind.  The right position in the kayak will be found.

For this session we worked on the forms to keep the gunwale boards held and continued setting up the power tools.  A tent was made for the heavy cutting of the gunwale boards to keep the saw dust under control.  Respirators will be worn.

Stack Of Wood For The Kayak Build

The wood pile for the kayak frame

Cutting Tent For Dust Control

Cutting Tent For Dust Control

Another person is wet sanding down the finish on his hand made wood kayak, too cold in his garage over the winter to put the finish on.  The finish needs above 60 degrees.

Wet sanding wood kayak

Wet sanding strip wood kayak

The below zero temperatures this week is getting a little old.  The 30+  degrees this weekend will feel like a heat wave.  Is anyone hoping for warmer weather yet to start kayaking?

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