Sea Kayaking – Pool Kayak Rolling Practice

Well it is that time of year where the water is getting colder and not real fun to practice kayak rolls in.  In fact the temperature in the morning was 28 degrees F, my kayak was on my truck the night before, it rained then got cold.  I had to rip off my cockpit cover with great difficulty in the pool parking lot.  There was an inch of ice frozen around the cockpit.  For a time I thought I would have to wait till it got warmer to get my kayak off the truck with the frozen and hard straps securing the kayak to the Thule rack.

The solution is of course to the cold water is a nice heated pool.  There were 12 people that showed up at the Brighton High School pool to play in the pool, most people there were practicing roll skills.

Kayaks in Brighton Pool

Brighton High School Pool

The group was well represented by experienced kayakers as there were at least five ACA certified people present and who also provide kayak instruction.  There were many Greenland style paddles and one Greenland kayak in the pool.

I was happy I successfully rolled my kayak the first time using my Greenland paddle.  Alas, after 2 hours of playing in the pool I got tired. My rolls degraded as my paddle fell instead of sweeping and I cheated by hitting the bottom of the four foot pool depth with my paddle for a little bump to get me over.  At this point I figured it was time to stop before I learned this non useful technique.

I also practiced my cowboy re-entry and found out I was a little rusty there, so the pool was a good place to tune that back up.

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  1. It was a lot of fun indeed!

  2. It was a great group of people and a surprise to see how far some people drove to get there from Jackson and Lake Orion. Small turn out at Champs in Downtown Brighton afterwords however.

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