The Recession Is Over!

This blog is a little of a departure from my normal ramblings, perhaps just thinking about the year ahead and the year behind.  I’m promoting that the recession is over in 2011, maybe that will catch on.  If the news media will report it’s over then it will be over.

If you are like most people, you spent a lot of time preparing for one day called Christmas, spent lots of money, eat lots of food and perhaps lots of drink also.  I’m not addressing the other non Christian faiths as I don’t know enough about them to comment.  The fun times are now over, all the good cheer is disappearing and normal life retuning.  Everyone is back in their routine after the holiday whatever routine that is.

I’m back to a technical job that pays the bills but does not offer much future for me since I’m not politically correct and I find the work unfulfilling and not much fun.  The work is the same just another year and another model year for the product.  I’m not complaining mind you, at least not much.  I do have a job, and it pays well, more I know than most people can say.

I have a good friend (at least I consider him a good friend) retired early from corporate, now works from home with his first and only wife making guinea pig cages.  Does not make a ton of money doing it, but he does not even know what day of the week it is, does not have to fight traffic everyday and gets to choose who to be around everyday.  He also was not always politically correct, tells it bluntly like it is, which for most people they just don’t know how to respond to all that honesty.  The truth is not always pretty.  Technically he was always much brighter than me, but most companies don’t know how to channel talented people.  They want everyone to follow the rules and all be the same.

So I blog about kayaks, network, and hang out with cool energetic people who want to build their own business.  Maybe someday I will learn the secret to replacing my day job income with an online stay at home business.  I do know some smart people who this dream is a reality, maybe it will rub off.  At least the dream is there and it keeps me going.  If nothing else it keeps me from being in front of the TV every night.

I have lots of activities planned for January, some kayak rolling practice in the pool, starting to build my own kayak with a group of great kayak people which will take lots of time for the next 3 months.  Trying to build an online business at least so it makes some profit.  I’m thinking about getting involved with a biking group as well to get me out of the kayak and onto the bike seat more often.  The first bike meeting is this month.  If the snow returns I also want to do a regular routine of cross country skiing.  There are only so many days in a month and January is getting busy, going fast.  Who says the winters are long in Michigan?

Bottom line is I have a lot to do and try to get as much fun and exercise in as I can.  I feel best with exercise and it has got to help me stay healthy.  I am happiest when outdoors doing some activity.

Huron River Paddle

Winter Paddle

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