Pool Antics With Kayaks

Open pool session at the Brighton High School on Sunday for some skills tune up and fooling around by some of the more skilled.  For some it was a good time to practice rolls (called Eskimo rolls to some) and work on learning to roll.  We played water polo or football depending on what you want to call it.  Three kayaks per side no paddles and no rules were mentioned other than getting the ball to the goal – hitting a bench on each side.  Lots of wet exits occurred, most were chap shots.  It’s harder than it sounds to move around the kayaks with just your hands and long sea kayaks in a small area.

We had kayaks full of water bobbing in the water, paddling without kayaks.  It was 12 degrees outside and warm an summery inside.  People still wondered what we were doing in the parking lot with kayaks.  There was a wrestling match going on down the hall in the gym and the windows into the pool provided entertainment for passersby.

Other pool sessions there are kayak classes put on by Expanding Horizons Kayaking

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