River or Sea Kayak?

This past Saturday I took out my 10′ river kayak to go up the Portage River also known as Hell Creek. There were heavy rains in the past week and the river was up and current strong. Hell creek lived up to it’s nick name, paddling was hard going up river. I was glad I had my shorter kayak for the river part. We could only go so far as there was a tree down that stopped us from going farther, it was late in the day and no dry way around, the current was too strong to get out on the tree and portage over it. This is also where our paddling buddy made his escape, for 30 minutes we had a swan that we came across down river paddling up river just in front of us for about 30 minutes. We had more paddle surface area but the swan was better at going though the down trees. The swan left us behind and the downed tree. Turning around I thought it would be easy going back, but the current was so strong, the speed of the river taking us into the sides of the river and into the fallen trees made the trip back even more of a challenge until the river widened. The trip back down took a fraction of the time up. Long story short, the trek across a lake to get to and from the river made me really appreciate my 17′ sea kayak. For anyone that plans to paddle lakes and large rivers who is new to kayaking, I recommend you bypass the small kayak and find a stable sea kayak instead. You will enjoy the sport of kayaking much more.

Tied Up Paddling Close To Hell Video

Check this out especially if you are a Great Lakes Paddling Member:

Grand River Expedition

Grand River Expedition 2010, a paddling trip on the Grand River from July 14 – 26, this summer. Folks can do the whole 225 miles (out of the full 260 mile length) (can’t really navigate the first 35, too many log jams down in the headwaters in southern Jackson County and Hillsdale Co.), all the way to Lake Michigan at Grand Haven. See details at http://tiny.cc/grandriverexpedition2010

April Kayaking

Fair Weather Kayaking

In Michigan in the transistion months of March, April, and May the weather can go from snowing to 80 degrees in a matter of 24 hours, so it makes a paddling trip difficult to plan in early season.  Having the right gear for the trip is important, and bring extra gear in case you get wet or the conditions get warmer or colder while you’re out.

Just this week there a was a paddling trip and a party afterwards schedued that got cancelled due to cold, rainy, windy weather.    I would have went anyway taking the right gear, but I’m secretly glad (don’t tell the hardcore guys) it got postponed.  It will take place later in May and the chances are that it will be warmer.

Any day for me is a good day to paddle compaired to being behind a desk.  Some days are just better than others.  Hoping to get out on the water more often afterwork with longer days and warmer temps.  Watch for my short video on my recent Friday evening paddle.

Paddle Safe,


Start kayaking New Blog

This is my first kayaking blog kicking off my new direction in a online presence. I am a frustrated internet marketer who worked very hard but the return on investment did not justify me continuing in that activity. I learned a lot about working online and about marketing. I also learned how to be successful online (not that I got rich online and wildly successful).

Doing affiliate marketing, network marketing you need a very large email list to market too. It’s a bit of a catch 22, you need a big list to make money, and you can only get a big list by making money. Like most everything else it is who you know and who you can get to help you to become successful at internet marketing.

So, I’m moving away from all that and following my passions which are outdoor exercise activities and my favorite is boating. Kayaking to be specific. I am not an expert, just a recreational kayaker who will share information and hopefully allow more people to enjoy the sport. I do know some expert kayakers and will engage them to provide some expert tips and where to learn more.

So here we go, hope you will enjoy what I have to say, and encourage you to comment and provide some information back to me as well.

Happy kayaking
Bob Jack