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Kayak Safety – The “Crab”

Demo on how to empty your Kayak of water and get back in. Does take some strength do re-enter this way.

Paddle Lesson

River Tour

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“T” Rescue

When you’re paddling with a friend in deep water far from shore and one of you flips, is not able to roll and exits wet, how do you get the water out and your friend back in the kayak safely.   Then again some people you just cannot help, watch the ending.

Hand Of God Kayak Safety Technique

Part 3

HOG in the first two posts stands for “Hand Of God”, a kayak rescue technique when someone you are paddling with flips over. Rescuer pulls up along side, reaches all the way over to grab the top edge of the flipped kayak while leaning over, then pulling towards the upright kayak, once over on the side then to complete the the flip, grab on the PFD high on the shoulder and finish pulling the kayak upright

The “HOG” Part Deux

Demo of the Hand Of God technique for righting a rolled kayak in deep water.

The “HOG”

Some safety training, videoed some training being provided to a group going to Isle Royal this summer and paddling Lake Superior.  Professional certified instructor  provided the training exercises from Black Parrot Paddling.

Go To the Islands!

Visit below link to see where to go kayaking island style.

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