Paddle To Hell And Back

Hell Michigan that is on the chain of lakes in the Pinckney Recreation Area.  The launch site was on Bruin Lake at the state camp ground boat launch.  We had a very small turn out for a paddle sponsored by the Cross Roads Group of the Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club.  They just don’t hug trees, there are lots of fun activities, kayaking being one of them.

Hell Paddle

Fall Paddling

It was a beautiful fall day, warm, mostly sunny and the tress were just starting to change color.  There was thunder storms forecast for later in the afternoon, but they never arrived.  There were very few boats out and it made for a very pleasant paddle to Hell.

Fellow Paddlers

Fellow Paddlers

I did receive a complaint after the paddle that we went too far, and 3 out of the 4 people showed up with sea kayaks!  So I guess it should be advised in the future to bring kayaks over 12 feet in length so everyone can paddle at close to the same speed and distance comfortably.  Lesson learned there.

Return Trip

Returning to Launch Site

There was food and refreshments at the Dam Site Inn after the paddle.  I had to miss out on that since I got a call my power was out and I had a generator to get running.  The power came back on of course shortly after I got home.  Good thing because being out of power is a pain – anyone agree?

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  1. I love kayaking! :)

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