Only Kayak

Being the only kayak.  It’s November and it’s amazing how many people think kayaking is done for the year. I have been able to get out on the weekends and have some nice peaceful paddling. Sure it’s not 70F degrees and the water temp is cold which needs to be respected, but even paddling alone, it can be safe and enjoyable in November. Especially since there have been some sunny mid 50 to 60F degree days.

I could call up some paddle buddies to go with me, but a spur of the moment solo paddle can be nice. For safety when alone, I keep myself close enough to shore so I could “self-rescue” myself in the unlikely event that I flip over and can’t perform a roll,  which is still a new skill for me. Even with the cold water, by staying close to shore I could get out then call for some help before the cold water would be a concern.  Maybe not the most pleasant experience if it happened – I would be cold.

I dress for the cold, but not for immersion which I would do if I owned a dry suit (on my list of must haves). But like I said, the water is not yet extremely cold and when solo – I’m staying near shore. At this time of year I’m the only kayak I see out there and fishing boats and late season pontoons are few and far between. I’m paddling in a populated area however and help is not far away if needed.

So I’m enjoying the time on the water while the mid day temperatures are pleasant. It’s a bit strange to see everything buttoned up for the winter months however along the shoreline.  A bit sad, all the green is gone, and people are off doing other things inside.

For the Huron River Chain of Lakes November 14 – Today is the day the water level is dropped by opening the Portage Lake dam. It will be interesting to get back out on the weekend to see what the shoreline looks like with the drop.

I’m also getting pool time in –  practicing my kayak  rolls at the pool. Expanding Horizons is providing this service on selected Sundays in Brighton Michigan, I also have a friend that has pools sessions at the EMU pool if you might be interested in that venue, just contact me for the info.

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