Mid August Blues And Beer Bellies

This happens to me every August, just when you start getting used to it being warm and sunny, next thing you know it’s August, and not just August but mid way through with September and fall quickly approaching.

There are still lots of paddling days left however, at least into November.  But paddling in the colder months is just not as nice as a warm summer day with warm water and (as Bruce Springsteen would say) girls in their summer clothes.

I was out this weekend paddling around the moored power boats in the shallow areas, the lake crowd were out there standing in the water having some cold ones.  I have nothing against having a few cold ones but hey they had huge beer bellies.  They looked nine months pregnant.  How do people let themselves put on that much weight?  Instead of using the power boats if they started kayaking to get to their party spot, the belly would start to go. Kayaks can carry coolers.

You can tell these guys only drink and eat without any exercise that burns calories or gets their heart rate up.  I don’t know how they can not see how unattractive those bellies are and the health risks associated with them.  Anyway if you want to get in shape, all you need to do is get out there and do something, anything but just standing in the water and drinking.

Maybe I should not try to get people to exercise, it will just make me look better and stand out on the lakes with my shirt off.  Then again it’s those out of shape boomers that are going to drive up health care even further and destroy social security, then my taxes will go up.  Their ought to be a tax deduction if you exercise and if you’re in shape don’t you think?  Have some incentives for being healthy and in shape!

Back to the season issues, back to school soon for many, I will be enjoying the last of August as much as I can.  How are you going to spend the last 2 weeks of official summer?  Let me know.

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  1. Hey Dude!

    What will I be doing the rest of the summer? Certainly not standing in the water and drinking!

    I’ll be drinking on the couch. (Don’t want my toes to get wrinkled).

    Seriously, you make some good points about getting out there and finding some form of exercise to keep you fit and healthy. I too am a boomer and I agree with you – we should be protecting what we have – our health.

    Keep fighting the good fight,

    Bob Matthews

  2. We don’t want any wrinkled toes, thanks for the comment. To our good health.

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