March 3-5 Skin On Frame Kayak Build – Start Kayaking

This week making the deck beam tenons continued and the curved beams were cut. Three people got to the stage where the beams could be pegged in place, I will be at that stage for the next session. Several people are different stages having work or family conflicts keep them from staying on schedule. There are three people finishing last year’s boat build.

One person is making a canoe, the forms are complete and the wood is starting to be laid on the forms for gluing. For this many thin strips of wood was cut with groves to be glued together. You can see the canoe form is the pictures below.

Kayak Build First Week Of March Video Link

2010 Boat Build

2010 Boat Build - Custom Construction

Baidarka Start

Baidarka Kayak Start

This is the Skirts And Skins Group Leaders boat, he is building a Baidarka type Skin On Frame kayak as opposed to the Greenland style. He was at the Quite Water Kayak Symposium Saturday in Lansing Michigan rather than building his boat.  I also wanted to go but was getting behind in my boat build so I spent 8 hours working on it instead of going to the symposium.  His progress is behind since he has been doing everything to get everyone else going and offering lots of build advise, answering our constant questions. The book can be hard to understand until you actually do the steps.

Baidarka Kayak Start - First Boards

Baidarka Kayak Start

Canoe Forms Shown

Canoe Forms

The wood kayak boat building masters working together on the canoe.  Wood strips are stapled on and glued in layers to make the sides, fiberglass added over the wood.

Canoe Forms

Canoe Forms Front View

Assembly Area View

Builders Busy At Work

My Boat

My Boat March 5th - Beams Installed

I found out how sharp the Japanese Saw blade is this Saturday, cutting myself twice working on the oak beam tenons. Now there is blood on my boat, I can honestly say I put my sweat and blood into it. The gentleman working next to me did the same thing last Saturday. The oak just is hard to cut and the wood waste just breaks off unexpectedly. The bad part is one cut is on the end of my thumb making it hard to do anything with your hands.

Wood Frame

View Of The Beams - The NC Craftsman's Boat

Wood Frame Another View

Another Fine Craftsman's Boat

Curved Ribs Close-up

Curved Ribs Close-up

My Boat closeup

My Boat - Beams Done Another View

Kit Boat View

Kit Boat Build Status

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