Last Hot Paddle of 2010 for SE MI

Somewhat long video paddling down the Huron River from Zukey Lake in Southeast Michigan.  It shows the boat traffic on a hot day being shared by kayakers.  Temperature was 85 and mostly sunny, humid.  Lots of people were enjoying the Zukey Lake sand bar staying cool.  There is one place between Strawberry Lake and the Huron that can become one way.  The protocol is whomever is in that section first has the right away.  Two boats can past if done carefully with lots of courtesy.  Last weekend I was going up river with a friend in my CraigCat (check it out on Google) and we were at least 1/4 the way in when this guy with a small pontoon – small not big mind you, came into the channel faster that I have seen anyone enter that section then we met nose to nose.  He claimed since he had a big boat and he did not see me (he was going too fast to see me – attention deficit disorder) that I was the was the one that should risk my prop and go around him to the left (I had the right of way).  His ego was much bigger than his boat and could not admit to the boat full of people on his boat that he screwed up.  I was calm about it but made it clear he was the anomaly.  Well anyway I had to just consider the source and warned a friend on a regular size pontoon boat  going back down the chain to watch out for the “guy” in case he was coming back up river.  It is much easier to get around the boats in the kayaks in the river.  Hope you enjoy the video tour.  Next tour date is Oct 16.  Check out the events on the Great Lakes Paddlers web page for details.

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