Kayaking Addiction

There are signs of kayaking addiction in people you know if you look for them.  One sign is if there are more kayaks in the garage than cars, if every wall in the garage has kayak stuff one them.  One other sign is that the person is not content to just paddling a kayak but is also making kayaks by hand and hanging out with people that make their own kayaks.

People who are addicted to kayaks have storage issues due the the multiple kayaks they own and collect.  I figure I have room for maybe two more kayaks on my garage ceiling.

Kayak Storage

Four Kayaks on the wall - taking up the whole wall

It took me almost a year to install the storage kit I bought last winter to get one river kayak properly stored. Did not have time since I was busy building a Greenland kayak over the winter.

Kayak Storage Problem

How not to store a kayak

Storage kit properly installed, some floor space recovered.

Kayak Hoist

Properly Stored

What do you have in your garage?

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  1. I am very much addicted to kayaking! I also love shopping for kayaking stuff! Nothing makes me happier than a crisp new kayak! I always go to kayakoutdoors.com/shop for all of my kayaking needs.

  2. I like to see how to “contact” you directly (phone, email, address) on sites and an “about” section, if you had had those i would have been more inclined to post your comments directing people to your storefront. I like to know who I’m dealing with online – a real person, and not an unknown. Just my opinion for what it is worth.

  3. First thought: who wouldn’t be addicted to kayaking once they get the hang of paddling? It’s true that storage tends to be a problem when you are dealing with large things like a kayak that does eat up most of the space in your garage!

  4. Natalie

     /  July 16, 2012

    Kayak addiction sounds interesting :) I’ve recently tried Kayaking myself, and I’m hooked! However, I’m not sure which kayak to buy, or if I should just keep renting? I was browsing online, and found this cool new website doing market analysis and price reports on used goods online, and they had a blog post http://www.statricks.com/blog/renting-vs-buying-what-makes-the-most-sense-part-1.html about renting vs buying kayaks. This post had a lot of great tips for a new beginner enthusiast like myself, and I also signed up on their site so I can use it to check prices and compare sellers (or to new products). I’m planning on a kayaking trip to Gold Lake, Graeagle CA later this summer with friends who’s been “kayakers” for many years, and the blog post I’m referring to gave me some good pointers on how to finally make a good deal on my kayak.

    Hope this can be useful for others!


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