Kayak Season – Start Kayaking

Well maybe not the warmest time of the year to kayak. The lakes and rivers are much quieter, with the leaves gone there is more to see, hidden in warm weather by the leaves.

The key to paddling in the fall is having the right gear for comfort and safety. I don’t over do it, dress for the exercise to keep me warm, but I bring layers that can be added and a change of clothes in a dry bag just in case of the unlikely event I get wet. The water is cold and should not be taken lightly.

I find that I don’t get out paddling as much when it’s cooler. The fall brings lots of outside work to prepare for winter if you own a home. The boat’s winterized, dock is out, liquids from the garage taken to the basement, leaves cleaned-up, water hoses drained and put away. I can see why some people move to warmer climates from Michigan. It’s a lot of work changing seasons.

There is limited light now if you have a day job and commute, dark by the time I get home so no week day paddling any more. That just leaves the weekend with all the other work outside saved up from the week. Still getting out on the water is relaxing once the time is found to get back out on the chain of lakes.

I’m using the colder weather to take some indoor classes at the Brighton High School pool. Certified instructors are teaching all levels of kayaking, so you can start now and be in good technical shape for next spring.

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